Father of the Wolf by L. Shannon

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Father of the Wolf (The Eagle Clan #1) by L. Shannon

After hiding from humanity for over a century, the Eagle Clan of Valàfrn werewolves must search for mates or face certain extinction. Athair has put aside his own needs to raise the clan’s orphaned children, but now he faces the hardest part of parenting—letting go. When it seems as if their destruction is inevitable, he’s forced to consider putting his trust in humanity once more.

After a traumatic injury as a teenager, Hope struggles every day against her fears, fighting to maintain her own small safe world. But one night she’s suddenly attacked by what she can only conclude were werewolves and her carefully controlled world crumbles as she needs to make sense of a whole new set of world rules. As if that isn’t hard enough to handle, when she finally meets the man of her dreams, he has a fur coat and runs around on all fours…

Father of the Wolf – L. Shannon

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