Fate and Redemption by Katerina Martinez

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Fate and Redemption (Fall of the Lightbringer #3) by Katerina Martinez

Trapped in the Pit, with no way of escape…
Lucifer is free, and it’s my fault. Worse, he turned out to be every bit the manipulative, conniving, deceptive creature everyone always said he was. Then he tossed me into the Pit, without a second thought, and now I’m stuck down here.
But I’m not alone.
There are voices on the other side of the Pit’s walls, people, life. I don’t truly know what I’m about to get into, but if I don’t find a way out of the Pit, then Earth is doomed, Heaven will burn, and Abaddon… I have to save him from Lucifer, or he truly will become the King of the Ashes.

Fate and Redemption – Katerina Martinez

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