Fast Forward by Juliet Madison

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Fast Forward by Juliet Madison

What if you found yourself living your future life?

Aspiring supermodel Kelli Crawford seems destined to marry her hotshot photographer boyfriend—but on her twenty-fifth birthday she wakes up in an entirely different world . . .
Suddenly, she sn’t twenty-five; she’s turning fifty. She doesn’t have a big-deal boyfriend; she has a nerdy husband. She also has demanding adult children, a grandchild on the way, and symptoms of menopause. Not to mention a whole lot of very confusing technology to figure out.
While Kelli “celebrates” her Big Five-O birthday, she desperately schemes to get back to her glorious past. But what if there’s no way out—and what if her future proves to be the life she really wants to lead?

Fast Forward – Juliet Madison

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