Fangs & the Den of Darkness by Anne Hale

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Fangs & the Den of Darkness by Anne Hale, Celeste King

I dreamed of a prince to set me free.
But it was a beast who came for me.

Locked away, I craved escape.
My gilded cage kept me protected, yet I was so alone.
Siderus ruined and ravished me.
Made me beg for more depravity.
All I want now is his ruthless touch.
To be taken, trained, and owned completely.
My mind says I’m my own person.
But my body knows what I am.

His willing woman…
…who craves her monster’s embrace.

Read on for: A dark elf that’s a master of deception…and steals the heart of a human that was never meant to play in his game. Get ready for a forbidden love full of twists, shocking turns, and lies that will keep you guessing.

Fangs & the Den of Darkness – Anne Hale, Celeste King

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