Fallen Stars by Persephone Autumn

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Fallen Stars (Stone Bay #3) by Persephone Autumn

From the start, all I wanted was you. From the start, little did I know, you wanted me too.
An underlying current has always existed between us. An undeniable bond that keeps me tethered to my best friend. My person.
The man I have loved in secret for years.

I’ve wanted to tell him how I feel. Countless times, I’ve considered crossing the line but have resisted.
I’d rather love him in secret than lose him forever.
Over the years, we’ve avoided relationship conversations. Kept our rendezvous to ourselves.
But now, the subject is inescapable.

As his family pressures him to find a suitable match, he concocts a plan to appease them. Fake date the wealthy woman his parents set him up with… who happens to be in love with someone else.

When he relays the news, my hurt is written all over my face. Over and over, he promises me it’s not real.
Regardless, seeing them together twists my insides.
…until he pins me against my car and shows me where his heart truly lies.

Fallen Stars – Persephone Autumn

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