Fall Secrets by Nichole Ruschelle

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Fall Secrets (Hernandez Brothers of Rose Valley #1) by Nichole Ruschelle

Dexter has been my soulmate since we met eight years old. Everyone around us knows that we belong together. Now it’s time for him to realize the feeling I’ve been concealing from him.
I’ll put the plan into action. I have the perfect place – our small town Fall carnival. My outfit is ready and I’ve even rehearsed what I’m going to say.
The last thing I expected is for him to chase me through the hay maze. I’ve never felt more alive than I do when he tells me to run. But what happens when he catches me?

I’ve been in love with Hazel since we were kids. I’ve kept my feelings to myself. I’m not good enough for her – I’ve been keeping parts of my life from her. Parts I’m not sure I want her to know.
I love a good chase. The thrill exhilarates me. What I don’t know is how Hazel will take it. I should’ve known to expect the unexpected when it comes to Hazel.
When I tell her to run, my little bunny does. When I start my hunt everything feels right in the world…until it doesn’t.
Will she still love me when she finds out what else I’ve been keeping from her?

Fall Secrets – Nichole Ruschelle

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