Escape To Paradise by Claire Page

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Escape To Paradise by Claire Page

Harper’s perfect world comes crashing down and she escapes to the Caribbean to start over.

Once a restaurant owner, she accepts a job as a luxury yacht chef. It’s not what she’s used to but it’s good enough for now.
In one of the charters, she meets a magnetic, tall and handsome man named Julian who works in real estate. There’s an instant connection and attraction between the two of them. In one of the islands, she starts a friendship with the cool bartender, Maverick. Her relationship with Maverick is purely business and platonic but Maverick wants something more.
Follow Harper as she navigates the simple island life and the ups and downs of relationships.

Buy the book to find out who Harper chooses. Will she choose the real estate guy or will she choose the bartender?

Escape To Paradise – Claire Page

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