Encore by Helen Hardt

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Encore (Steel Brothers Saga #30) by Helen Hardt

A tale of four souls…and the effects of near tragedy…

When Brianna Steel and Jesse Pike hold each other for what they fear may be the last moment of their lives, they realize they’re meant to be together for the long haul.
But for Brianna’s cousin, David Simpson, and Jesse’s sister, Madeline Pike, the event has more far-reaching consequences.

Dave, after helping his father and his Uncle Jonah deal with horrific happenings on the Steel property, needed a vacation. Joining his cousins on Dragonlock’s European tour seemed like a no-brainer, and hooking up with Maddie Pike was some decadent icing on the cake. But after looking his mortality in the eye, he’s questioning everything about the path he’s on—including his budding relationship with Maddie.
Maddie, too, is evaluating her own dreams and aspirations, and she desperately seeks a deeper connection to the world around her. Is a relationship with Dave, who she’s been crushing on forever, in the cards? She’s not sure where he stands, but she’s having a difficult time keeping her distance because the chemistry between them is hot and sizzling.
But in the end, a family member’s illness and a near-fatal accident could be their undoing.

Encore – Helen Hardt

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