Enchanter of Dragons by Zarina Aston

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Enchanter of Dragons (Bonded Hearts) by Zarina Aston, Ariella Zoelle

A unicorn shifter is the last of his kind. Can a royal dragon shifter save him from being hunted?

Captured by a cruel king, Fersen is close to succumbing to the shadows of despair. But hope flickers to life when General Jaega is his unexpected savior.
After Jaega’s mate was murdered during the Necromancer War, the dragon prince had given up on love. The last thing he expects to discover is his new fated mate is the last living unicorn shifter.
Fersen is finally free, but the danger isn’t over yet. The sudden arrival of his heat makes a bad situation even worse.
Jaega knows he should keep his distance like a gentleman, but how can he resist his instincts demanding they consummate their mating bond?

Enchanter of Dragons is the prequel to the Bonded Hearts series and part of the Talwyn Saga universe. It is a complete story that can be read as a standalone.

Enchanter of Dragons – Zarina Aston, Ariella Zoelle

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