Edged by Blake Blessing

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Edged (The Collection #2) by Blake Blessing

They all want me.
The nobody.
Their savior.
I’d always idolized them growing up, but since they forced me back, I see them for who they are.
My four beautiful, angry boys grew into stubborn, selfish men. Men who take what they want with no regard for anyone or anything. Except maybe me.
But I won’t let my feelings blind me. All four men are masters of manipulation and so incredibly toxic. Despite it all, I want them too.
Burned bridges and buried bodies litter the roads they’ve traveled, and the crimes they’ve committed are threatening to unravel the life they’ve built.
They’ve made enemies in a world I want no part of.
This time, I’m going to do more than warn them.
This time, I’m doing everything different.
But can I stay and sacrifice the life I wanted for myself?
Or will history repeat itself?

Edged – Blake Blessing

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