Eden’s Joker by Lena Bourne

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Eden’s Joker (Devil’s Nightmare MC Next Generation #7) by Lena Bourne

Dark revenge. Raging Love. No winners

Dark romance books were always my favorite. Now I’m living one. Thanks to Joker, a man I fell in love with hard. He wooed me with lies, told me everything I wanted to hear and more. He spoke of showing me the world and giving me everything in it.
Then he chained me up in a room and promised he’ll break me. To get revenge on my father.
I’m sure they’re all losing their minds back home trying to find me. but I’m not the fragile bookworm they all think I am. Joker thinks so too. But he only got one thing right about me: I am my father’s daughter.
So I’ll be the one dealing out revenge. Against him. For lying to me and taking me for a fool. If he thinks he’ll break me, he’s got another thing coming. I’ll have him eating out of my hand before long.
Then I’ll take it all away from him for daring to come against me and my family. And for making me believe he was someone I could love forever.

Eden’s father is the reason my parents are dead. Devil’s Nightmare MC helped him kill them and I had to watch it happen. I vowed I would one day make him suffer like I suffered as I watched my mother take her last breath.
Now the means of that revenge is here, at my mercy. Eden. His sweet, innocent daughter, his princess.
She won’t be a princess anymore once I’m done with her. She won’t be anything anyone could ever love.
Trouble is, maybe I do.

Eden’s Joker – Lena Bourne

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