Doubling Down on a Duke by Rachel Ann Smith

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Doubling Down on a Duke (Wagering on Love #5) by Rachel Ann Smith

A diamond theft.
An arranged marriage.
A love twenty years in the making.

Lady Helen Reynolds has managed to evade the charms of her rakish betrothed, the Duke of Whistlestop, for two decades—a feat few could claim. When duty calls and she’s tasked with retrieving missing diamonds for the crown, Helen’s streak comes to an end. There’s only way to get the diamonds: marry the man she’s been avoiding. Finding the diamonds will be easy. The real challenge comes in guarding her heart against her betrothed’s winning smile and warm embrace.
Bryce Barrington, the Duke of Whistlestop, has waited patiently in the wings for Helen to fall in love with him. But she’s so far proved immune to his efforts to win her hand. They may be forced to wed, but he’s determined to knock down the walls around her heart and prove that, to him, she’s more valuable than any jewel.
Focused on their mission, the two stubbornly refuse to acknowledge the simmering feelings bubbling to the surface as they are forced to spend day and night together as husband and wife. With a race against time to return the jewels, the two will have to act fast and avoid the most perilous of distractions—falling in love.

Doubling Down on a Duke – Rachel Ann Smith

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