Doc by Charlotte McGinlay

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Doc (Devil’s MC #5) by Charlotte McGinlay

Being Treasurer of the club is an honor,
To own her heart is everything.
I’m in love with my sister’s best friend.
She became the reason why I breathe; she became my everything,
I tried to stay in the friend zone, knowing she didn’t feel the same.
But the lingering looks and soft touches became too much,
I couldn’t handle not having her,
Then I realized I meant more to her than I thought.
But other forces drove us apart before I could make her mine.
I hurt her to protect her.
I’m trying to mend our fences, to win my girl back,
All while trying to keep her safe.
Her hurt runs deep, but my love for her,
It runs deeper.
If she hasn’t realized it yet, she will soon.
I’d fight the world to have her as mine,
To own her heart.
Get ready, Pixie, because your running has come to an end.

Growing up with my parents was hard,
Watching the man you love with others was heart-wrenching.
My best friend’s brother was all I wanted.
I didn’t believe he felt the same.
Until he did.
I didn’t believe I was good enough.
Until I was.
I put everything on the line for him, including my freedom.
I gave him my heart and my body; I gave him everything.
But he lied to me; he broke me,
For her.
He gave her what he promised me,
And I had to move on with my life,
To start fresh,
But I couldn’t cope with my new normal; I felt lost.
And then my family needed me.
I decided to return home, and he chose to fight.
He fought for me, for us,
But how can I put all pain behind us when she’s still his?
How can I forgive him when the hurt is dug deep?

This can be read as a standalone but is better if books are read in order to get an understanding of other characters. This is book 5 of 7 of The Devil’s MC series, with a HEA. Due to mature content and themes this book is recommended for readers aged 18+, this novel may contain triggers.

Doc – Charlotte McGinlay

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