Devil’s Deal by Layla Fae

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Devil’s Deal (Jaga and the Devil #1) by Layla Fae

The devil craves my soul. It calls to him like the scent of fresh blood.
I am not afraid.
The night of summer solstice, I do something stupid. Drawn to the fire of magic, I approach the gods in their sacred circle. I am just a mortal, one of many. I shouldn’t merit their attention.
But behind the royal figures of the gods a shadow looms, menacing yellow eyes burning in its gloom. He asks me to dance. His clawed hands circle my waist, turning me to the sound of hoofbeats while his demonic voice whispers seductive lies in my ear. For one night, and one night only, I let him touch me.
When it’s morning and gods return to their shrines, he stays. His bloodthirsty shadow follows me, a dark cloak hiding me from the sun and the light of hope. Where I walk, flowers wither and children sicken, touched by his suffocating darkness.
The harder I chase him away, the more he enshrouds me in his powerful presence, his claws trapping my body, his will reaching for my soul.
He takes away my tribe and poisons my life, trying to break me so I take his deal. But the devil is in for a surprise.
I may give him my body, but I’ll never break. With nothing to lose, I am ready to fight.

Devil’s Deal – Layla Fae

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