Desperate Proposals by Antonia Falk

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Desperate Proposals (The Sedleys #4) by Antonia Falk

Seeking to improve his political fortunes, he sought an exceptional lady to wed…
The radical and self-righteous Marcus Hartley, the honorable MP for Knockton, never spared a thought for marriage, let alone something so trite as love. But with the general election approaching, the government floundering, and his career struggling to gain traction, he stumbles upon an opportunity too good to pass up: a well-connected lady in dire need of a husband.
How fortuitous for him, then, that she would accept almost anyone…
As the conceited, sheltered daughter of a baron, Evelyn Wolfenden vowed never to marry, content to remain in her ancestral home. Unfortunately, her brother’s untimely death scuppers any plans for a quiet future. With no male heirs in sight, what had once seemed silly suddenly becomes paramount. Her future in jeopardy, she must not only wed, but become another creature altogether: a politician’s wife.

Desperate Proposals – Antonia Falk

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