Desperate Omega by Lizzy Bequin

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Desperate Omega (Quarantine Omega #6) by Lizzy Bequin

First they’ll make me beg for mercy.
Then they’ll make me beg for more.

I never asked for this. Never asked to be an omega. Never asked to go into heat. But my heat is coming, whether I want it or not, and soon my scent will draw the alphas in like wolves to prey.
I had a plan. I thought I could deal with the urges on my own.
I was wrong.
There is only one cure for the fever that’s burning inside me, and only the alphas can give it to me. Now they’re coming for me. Coming to punish. Coming to share. Coming to mark me as their mate.
And when they finally catch me, I’ll be the one coming for them…
Over and over again.

Desperate Omega is a standalone romance featuring three dominant alphas, one defiant omega, and an HEA guaranteed. It is the sixth entry in the Quarantine Omega series, but it takes place chronologically between books 4 and 5.

Desperate Omega – Lizzy Bequin

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