Defiance by Clare Littlemore

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Defiance (The Bellator Chronicles #3) by Clare Littlemore

A forced separation. A risky disguise. A desperate rescue.

Determined to save her best friend, Faith has returned to Bellator. She vows to fight against the academy’s horrific experimentation and joins the Resistance. But when the radicals are reluctant to rescue Sophia, she wonders if she’s put her trust in the wrong people.
Back in Eremus, Noah is torn. Things with Faith weren’t easy, but he misses her. As an abrupt change in leadership threatens to destroy his community, he follows Faith to the city. Joining the rebels, he accepts a dangerous mission which might make a real difference – if it doesn’t kill him.
Pulled in opposite directions, Faith and Noah’s relationship is tested to the limit. And when the mission goes wrong, they wonder if they will ever unite their separate worlds.

Can they outwit the Chancellor and bring Sophia home? Or will the mission end in a loss their relationship can’t survive?

Defiance – Clare Littlemore

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