Deceiving the Cursed Beast by Jen Lynning

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Deceiving the Cursed Beast (Once Upon an Enchantment #1) by Jen Lynning

In this enchanted castle, only the truth can break his curse.

Felix is the Duke of Truthhold, tied to the most powerful magical node on the continent. But when he is transformed into a beast, he needs help to break the curse. He will do whatever it takes to regain his true form, even if it means using magic to trap a woman in his castle.

Isabel understands exactly why someone would resort to cursing the duke. He is selfish, contrary, and deceitful. She can’t afford to spend her days attempting to reverse his curse, not with her chance to become a full-fledged constable on the line. But the mysteries of Rose Castle are more compelling than she expected. As is the duke.
The duke’s enemies won’t stop with just a curse, though, and time is running short. But how can Felix and Isabel triumph if victory requires them to admit their growing feelings for each other?

Deceiving the Cursed Beast – Jen Lynning

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