Deceitful Promises by Flora Ferrari

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Deceitful Promises (Sokolov Bratva #3) by Flora Ferrari

He took me from my home. I’m supposed to hate him. But when he touches me in that steamy way, when he smirks like he owns me, hating is the last thing on my mind.
When a tall, handsome stranger appears in my ballet studio one day, I almost think I’m dreaming. He looks at me with an intense possessiveness that has me wishing he wasn’t the bad guy. He doesn’t give me a choice—I have to go with him.
A dash across the country brings us to the East Coast. He says he’s taking me to my long-lost mother, but there’s no way I can trust him.But then everything gets messy. We start making jokes. We start getting physical. And, it turns out, my mother really is here.
When my brothers show up to save me from my handsome kidnapper, I’m left with a choice. Stay with my mother and the man I’m falling for, or go back to my regular old life?

Deceitful Promises – Flora Ferrari

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