Deadly Avenger by Zadie Kane

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Deadly Avenger (The Sorrento Family Doms #3) by Zadie Kane

Risk has always been a turn on for me. But I pushed things too far and was taught a painful lesson. And now I want my revenge.

My life was all about having fun. But after what happened, nothing in life hits the same. I just want my old carefree, fun life back. And I’m willing to take another risk to make it happen.
Luca Sorrento was born into the mafia and raised by violence. Revenge is what Luca does, and he does it well. He could be the man to help me get my revenge – but at what price?
The chemistry between me and Luca is undeniable. He’s hot as hell and his dark side fascinate and turns me on in equal measure. But I’ll never let him own me in the way that he wants – I’ll use him to get what I need, and then say goodbye.
But when Luca’s plan for revenge hits its crescendo, I find myself in mortal danger – and this time there might not be a way out for me. I might just have played with fire one too many times…

Deadly Avenger – Zadie Kane

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