Deacon by Melissa Stevens

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Deacon (Ride with Me) by Melissa Stevens

Deacon had been glad when his best friend’s little sister had opted to go away to college. It meant she would no longer be a daily temptation to cross a line that should never be crossed. Over the years he’s hoped she’s doing well and has found happiness. Then he spots her walking across his club’s clubhouse, headed straight for him and dressed to cause saints to sin. That’s when Cowboy drops the big bomb. She’s back to stay.
Lisa has always loved Deacon, but knew he saw her as the bratty little sister always tagging along. They might be older but why would that have changed? Now, thought she needs help and she knows right where to go. She never expected her brother to send the man she’s been trying to get over for years.
Can they overcome their past and hers to figure out they both only want the other?

Deacon – Melissa Stevens

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