Dark and Dangerous by April Wilson

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Dark and Dangerous (McIntyre Search and Rescue #4) by April Wilson

Ruth owns a tavern in a small town at the foot of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Jack is a retired assassin who wants to settle down and build a life for himself after completing his last job. But the Russian mafia whose leader he took out has other plans for him. Jack has been on the move for the past six months, always managing to stay one step ahead of the mob. When he stops one night in Ruth’s tavern, he finds himself drawn to her, not just to her beauty, but to her strength. Jack’s determined to hang around this small town and become the man he thinks Ruth deserves. When the inevitable showdown happens, Jack will literally put himself between Ruth and the mob to make sure she doesn’t pay the price for his past.

Dark and Dangerous is book 4 in the McIntyre Search and Rescue series. Action, suspense, and lots of romance. HEA guaranteed. Can be read standalone.

Dark and Dangerous – April Wilson

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