Cursed Bonds: An Alpha’s Destiny by Roxie Ray

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Cursed Bonds: An Alpha’s Destiny by Roxie Ray

For over a century, I’ve longed to meet my fated mate. Then Fate threw a curveball.

My mate isn’t just any woman. She’s a witch, the very thing I despise. Kirsten isn’t just any witch, though. She’s the descendant of the one who cursed me never to know love —and she’s oblivious to her true nature. Apart from that, she has a tenacious spirit and a sharp tongue that gets under my skin.
Despite her fiery nature, my wolf craves her. And I know I need her by my side for the good of my pack. Yet, earning her trust won’t be a simple feat, especially when she regards me with suspicion, viewing me as the proverbial big, bad wolf.
My intense desire for her overrides my hatred and distrust of witches. I must convince her to trust me, to realize that we are bound by fate, even as I grapple with the burden of needing her to break the curse.
She is my only hope.
This slow burn, opposites attract shifter romance is a complete standalone and ends on an HEA! No cliffhangers!

Cursed Bonds: An Alpha’s Destiny – Roxie Ray

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