Cruising Right Into Love by JP Sayle

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Cruising Right Into Love (Pride Cruise 2024) by JP Sayle

À new life brings hope. But will it also bring Victor pain – or the love he craves?

A chance meeting leads Victor Newton to the quiet town of Sweet Haven. Beaten and broken, he finds something totally unexpected. Friends who are more like family. A job he loves and a home of his own. But there’s a fly in the ointment. He’s crushing on someone who knows about Victor’s past. Someone already spoken for.
Paramedic Denton Colby meets Victor his first day in town under awful circumstances that leave a lasting impression. Denton feels protective towards the gorgeous blond, but as time passes and he watches Victor flourish, so do the feelings he’s kept hidden. Strong feelings he thinks would frighten Victor, who has no idea Denton is bisexual. Denton attempts to move on with his life, dating Nese.
But something isn’t working.
When Denton hears Victor is going on a gay pride cruise as part of a wedding party, he decides it’s time to take a chance, and joins the trip. Now all he needs is for Victor to open his eyes and see him as more than a friend.

Cruising Right Into Love – JP Sayle

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