Cruel Expectations by Em Petrova

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Cruel Expectations (Bad Boy Ranch #2) by Em Petrova

When his best friend’s little sister is too untamed for her own good, how can Hunter resist taking matters into his own hands?
Following an op that ended the lives of several Navy SEALs in Hunter’s squadron, he struggles with survivor’s guilt. After a brother-in-arms invites him to a Montana ranch to help protect and serve in another way, Hunter is eager for the change. What he wasn’t prepared for was finding a different kind of enemy—the sister of his dead best friend, who is also the owner’s daughter.
Hunter is willing to keep intruders off the land. He’s even willing to help investigate the whereabouts of a missing ranch hand. But surviving Ivy might be more difficult than any secret mission.
As tensions rise between Hunter and Ivy, dangers on the ranch do too. Military strategy he’s comfortable with—his growing feelings for Ivy are another story. Her taunts get under his skin, pushing Hunter’s dominant tendencies to a whole new level of darkness.

Cruel Expectations – Em Petrova

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