Cruel Bully Dragon by Alexa Griffin

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Cruel Bully Dragon (Candara Dragon Ops #2) by Alexa Griffin

First, he bullies me to tears. Then he kidnaps me to a secluded place.
I’m nerdy and bookish, and have to endure his taunting constantly.
Until he suddenly gets protective and possessive of me because I’m supposedly in danger.
And so he flies me to an isolated cabin, and I’m all alone with the special ops bully I hate.

I’ve been put down before, and I know what abusive relationships are like.
He only reminds me of it by publicly embarrassing me and making me feel ashamed.
My visions tell me things of the past, but it’s the future that scares me.
I’m afraid of the way he’s stuck in my head, and what he’ll do to me next.

I’ve repressed my deepest fantasies for years, but he cruelly brings them out in the open.
He teases me relentlessly until my softest parts almost explode.
He cuts open my old wounds until my body finally gives in.
He brought me to this cabin to protect me, but I can’t defend myself against him.

Can I give myself to my dragon bully?

Cruel Bully Dragon – Alexa Griffin

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