Cruel Boy Toy by Ana C. Blacklace

Cruel Boy Toy (Dirty Billionaires #3) by Ana C. Blacklace – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

He’s stalking me with one thing in mind—revenge.
Micah Royales is a Heathen King. A ruthless elite above billionaires, politicians, and the law.He’s also a student at the college where I teach.Convinced that I’m having an affair with his stepfather and greatest enemy, Micah sets out to use me against him and tear me apart in the process. He destroys my reputation in front of my students by making it look like he’s my boy toy. Yet it turns out this methodical destruction isn’t even my biggest problem.Being wanted by the nefarious weapon that is Micah Royles is.His obsessive attention becomes a prison, trapping me in a chaos of perverted sensuality. Fighting his corruption is the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but I need to get out of this affair before it’s too late. Before my ultimate secret comes to light, turning Micah’s passion into hatred. Once he finds out what I’ve been hiding from him all this time, he’ll make sure there’s nothing left of me but a ravaged shell, discarded at the devil’s feet.Because there’s no forgiveness in Micah’s world.There’s only vicious retribution.

NOTE. This is a dark romance! There will be triggers such as dub-con, knife and gun play as well as the hero going sycho on his rivals and going over the top toxic on the heroine. Please check the trigger warnings at the beginning of this book.

Cruel Boy Toy – Ana C. Blacklace ePUB

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