Crucible and the Crown by Laurie Roma

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Crucible and the Crown (Misfits of Magic #3) by Laurie Roma

The worst lie is the one peppered with just enough truths to blind.

The Fertility Plague stripped us of the ability to conceive. Then it stripped our freedom.
I’ve lived my life inside the walled town of Capra. Walls meant to keep us in. Walls meant to keep out the nothingness of the dead world out there.
Now the cracks are showing and I’ve looked, and I won’t stop looking until I’ve seen it all.
Knowing the truth is the easy part.
Knowing what to do with that truth is a whole other matter.
As a citizen of Capra, I was always destined to graduate, marry a suitable young man and embrace my duty to society.
As a member of the Sisterhood, that marriage was always destined to further the rebellion.
But rebellion is a dangerous game when you don’t know the rules.
The Sin of Duty series is a post-apocalyptic romance and adventure with some disturbing themes set in a dark, dystopian world. Perfect for fans who love romance with intrigue and danger and an arrogant anti-hero who may just turn out to be a hero after all.

Crucible and the Crown – Laurie Roma

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