Craving Stardust by Ava Ross

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Craving Stardust by Ava Ross

I’ve fallen for an alien, but the government is determined to tear us apart.

I’m walking along a dark country road, on my way to a costume party, dressed like a romance cover model. My torturous high heels are killing me, and I’m about to ditch them when a thick, mysterious mist engulfs me. The fog lifts, and a star streaks across the sky right overhead. It lands with a heavy bang in an open field nearby. Curiosity killed the cat, right? Well, consider this me having only eight lives left. My heart racing, I rush to the scene, where I nearly smack into a crashed alien spacecraft.
The hatch opens and a gorgeous, horribly wounded alien groans inside. He reaches toward me, and when we touch, sparks flare across my skin. Okay, so now I have seven cat lives left. While I should run in the opposite direction, I can’t. There’s something magnetic about this green-skinned guy, and I’m going to rescue him. At my farmhouse, I put him in my bed and nurse him back to health.

His name’s Lordek, and the more time we spend together, the more I fall in love. But the government’s determined to capture him and lock him inside a lab for eternity.
Can I keep him hidden, or will I lose my star man forever?

Craving Stardust – Ava Ross

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