Conquering the Alien Emperor by Bella Blair

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Conquering the Alien Emperor (Pandraxians #2) by Bella Blair

I’ll give up my empire to make her MINE!
HEATHER: After being rescued from Earth, I am sent to Pandrax, where a sentinel guardian is appointed to find my mekarry match for me. Unfortunately, my guardian, Lady Natoi, turns out to be a spiteful creature, whose hate for me grows when Emperor Daryus shows an interest in me.
DARYUS: I swore I would not fall for a human merrily like my friends did, but when Heather suddenly appears in my suite, I know I need to get to know her better. She is the only person in the universe who can soothe my ever flaring temper.
When she suddenly disappears, I realize that she is my ONE, my mekarry, and I will tear this universe upside down until I find and hold her in my arms again.

Conquering the Alien Emperor – Bella Blair

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