Colt’s Salvation by Lynn Hagen

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Colt’s Salvation (Midnight Falls #15) by Lynn Hagen

Milo Landon didn’t want to cover for his uncle at some extravagant wedding reception, watching happy couples staring lovingly into each other’s eyes while his own life is a miserable, lonely wreck. Then Milo spots a gorgeous stranger watching him and is caught in the guy’s mesmerizing gaze. Mr. Tall and Sexy approaches him, and Milo can’t seem to keep his dang hands to himself, even after his uncle’s boss has a tizzy over Milo inappropriately touching a guest.
Colt Segar is ready to ditch the reception until he spots a possible hookup for the night. If he can bed the twink, the hassle of attending the wedding will be worth it. Until he discovers that Milo is his mate, and the guy refuses to go home with him. Now he has to deal with Milo’s irate boss, his mate’s reluctance to reveal who is abusing him, and the darkness that dwells inside Colt. This should be a piece of wedding cake, right?

Colt’s Salvation – Lynn Hagen

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