Code Name: Grizz by Luna Kayne

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Code Name: Grizz (Cypher Black Ops Security #2) by Luna Kayne


Hiding a world away and off the grid in the mountains, Dana has created a new life for herself, unaware that Michael has been searching for her or that there is a new threat on her life. When a mistake discloses her location, Michael sets out to extract Dana and recover the files she doesn’t know she’s carrying. But they aren’t the only ones about to descend on this sleepy little town.

A year ago, I had one job, and I blew it.
I lost Dana on my watch.
Since then, I’ve spent every single day looking for her, and not just because I’m a professional.
When it comes to Dana, I’m anything but.
She left her mark on me, and I won’t rest until she’s safe with me once again.

If I had known what was coming for me, I never would have stopped running.
I’m almost in the wind a second time, but then Michael shows up, standing in between me and my freedom once more.
It turns out I’m being hunted by four professional hitmen, and the town is acting stranger by the minute.
Now, the body count is rising, and my only hope of getting out of this alive is trusting the very group of men I blame for the death of my best friend.

* Code Name: Grizz is the second book in an interconnected standalone series titled Cypher Black Ops Security (ex military / various law enforcement, now secret ops team members). Each book in the series is a standalone and can be read on its own; however to get the backstory for this second book, it is recommended that Code Name: Phoenix be read first. Some characters may appear in other stories in the series.

Code Name: Grizz – Luna Kayne

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