Close to the Edge by Cassie Mint

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Close to the Edge (Huddling for Warmth #2) by Cassie Mint

He’s my brother’s best friend. They served together; bled together.
So I probably shouldn’t daydream about crawling into his lap…
My big brother Rowan was lost to us for so long, hiding away from his demons in the Starlight Ridge mountains. Now he’s back, settled with his new wife, and that means a visit from his old army best friend.
His hot best friend. This gentle giant smoke show. Lord, why didn’t anyone warn me?!
Because Ash is impossibly tall and broad, with kind eyes and a steady presence. After so long on my own, the sweet way he takes care of me frazzles my brain.
But I just got my brother back. I can’t do anything that might jeopardize that.
Even if his burly best friend feels like home…

Close to the Edge – Cassie Mint

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