Chase by Kate Oliver

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Chase (Daddies of the Shadows #11) by Kate Oliver

*This story was previously published in the 2023 Dirty Daddies Anniversary Anthology. The story has not changed.

After getting out of the worst relationship, Bella had no interest in dating. At least not until a handsome attorney shows up at her friend’s birthday party and offers to help with her divorce. Chase is everything she’d always wanted in a man, but would she be able to trust another person with her heart again?

Finding the one wasn’t in the cards for him and he’d finally accepted it. After all, his life was full with friends and a successful career. But the moment he set eyes on Bella, Chase knew two things. He was going to help her get her life back and she was his. He just hoped she’d be able to let her guard down so he could show her what true love feels like.

Chase – Kate Oliver

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