Charmed By You by Fel Fern

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Charmed by You (Mage Match #3) by Fel Fern, Kara Kitt

To preserve his family’s legacy, Luca McGowan must marry a stranger. When that stranger turns out to be the mysteriously hot fox shifter he had a one-night stand with, Luca has every reason to be mad. He hates liars, but he also can’t deny there could be something magical between him and Levi.
Levi moved to the Fox Haven pack for one reason: to find a mate. Destiny must have a strange sense of humor, sending a proud but surprisingly sensitive mage his way. Mages and foxes don’t mix—that’s common knowledge. Yet, one whiff of Luca’s scent and Levi immediately knows he’s found the one. But Luca and he aren’t a done deal. Luca has other prospects. Will Levi manage to charm his mage and make Luca his?

Charmed by You – Fel Fern, Kara Kitt

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