Carter by A.R. Williams

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Carter (Brooks Brothers #1) by A.R. Williams

Billionaire Carter Brooks has everything at his fingertips. As the eldest son running his family’s hotels and casino chains, he has everything a man can want, except the fiancé he lost in a car accident before his wedding.
Losing her almost destroyed him, and he did not want to feel that type of pain again, but then a whirlwind named Zahara came into his life, and he tried keeping her at arm’s length until the day he gave into the attraction between them that one time, before walking away from her.
So why could he not forget about her and the time he made her his in a small cabin in Colorado? Zahara was all wrong for him and did not belong in his world or in his life. But life has a funny way of twisting your world upside down, and now he was forced to marry the woman he did not want to give his unborn child a home. He was determined to only give her his name and his body, not his heart.

18+, Steamy loves scene and strong language. HEA.

Carter – A.R. Williams

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