Caretaking Love by Chloe Keto

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Caretaking Love by Chloe Keto

Vic Davies is very happy as Sandford Secondary Academy’s Site Manager. She’s well known around Birmingham to be good with her hands – both in her job and at Tulips, her favourite local nightclub. She loves helping others — but something is missing.

Redhead English teacher Georgia Smith-Ashfield doesn’t need anyone. She’s laser focussed on her career and has a life plan with her fictional dream woman – straight haired, suit-wearing, professional Veronica.
What happens when a mistake by a confident butch Site Manager ignites a lust that the career focussed English teacher didn’t know she held? Will the fiery literary fan’s pride get the better of her or will she recognise in time that her career and cat need some company to complete her personal literary tale?

Sometimes love works best complemented by tools, paint and plenty of books… See for yourself whether the sparks are due to dodgy building wiring or Georgia and Vic’s chemistry…

Caretaking Love – Chloe Keto

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