Capturing Sin by Sakura Black

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Capturing Sin (Playing with Demons #2) by Sakura Black

I’ve been keeping a monster locked up.
In my defence, it’s in the name of science, but I don’t think the demon sees it that way. It’s a terrible idea, but it was either cage him or kill him, and I couldn’t stomach the latter.
Not after what I’d done.
I was raised to fight his kind, but something about my captive draws me closer, despite his sharp edges and cruel words. Trapped by my controlling uncle, I’m forced to run twisted experiments, letting the wicked demon feed on me.
The problem is, his bite isn’t painful—it’s addictive—and judging by the mix of hunger and hatred gleaming in his starlit eyes, I’m not the only one affected.
But when my worst fears come true, the monster doesn’t snap my neck like he promised—he saves me instead.
Now, I’m his prisoner.
With an agenda of his own, if he discovers the dark secret I’m hiding, nothing will stop him from finally taking his revenge.
Can I escape my captor before it’s too late? Or will he capture not just my body, but my heart?

Capturing Sin – Sakura Black

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