Butter You Up by Liz Alden

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Butter You Up (Farm 2 Forking #2) by Liz Alden

Cows are better than people – a fact I’ve sworn by until the irresistibly upbeat Molly comes barreling into my life, running my farm stand and bringing the summer heat with her.
She’s also working for Fork Lick’s most debt-ridden business: my family’s farm. I try to stay out of that manure pile. Except the crush I have on her makes me think about doing things like smiling all day and patching up my relationship with my brother.
And then I learn she has a thing for me in flannel and we’re on fire between the sheets. Just when I think Molly might be having feelings for me too, old pain comes bleating back in–this was all a set up and I’ve been played.
Butter You Up continues the Farm 2 Forking crop of laugh out loud romantic comedies set on Bedd Fellows Farm.

Get ready to grab life by the teats with an a-derp-able farm dog and baby goats galore with this hilarious and heartwarming romance by Liz Alden.

Butter You Up – Liz Alden

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