Brutal Mate by Mia Wolf

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Brutal Mate (Nightstar Black Ops Wolves #3) by Mia Wolf

I was sold to a black ops beast to pay off my family’s debts.
I don’t know exactly what he is, but there’s something possessive and primal about him.
Whatever he is, I refuse to be someone’s tame human bride. My innocence can’t be bought.
But when I try to run, I learn quickly that there’s no way to escape him…

I’m used to being mistreated, I’ve had to endure it all my life.
But being sold to a beast is new, even for me.
This isn’t the stone age. He can’t buy me like cattle.
And yet here I am, traded as property to him for money.

I’ve been bitten by a wolf, and now I’m writhing from pain and helpless desire.
Confusing dreams haunt me, revolving around losing my virginity to a powerful man like him.
My core is flooded with intense heat at his dominant and commanding touch.
My body is growing more and more sensitive, restless until he soothes it.

Could a beast be my fated mate?

The Nightstar Black Ops Wolves are wild, raw, and untamed. This listen to the primal urges inside, to the wolf that tells them: Claim her, protect her, and make her MINE.

Brutal Mate – Mia Wolf

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