Brooks by Jessica Gadziala

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Brooks (Henchmen MC: Next Generation #11) by Jessica Gadziala

Receiving the devastating news of his childhood best friend’s untimely death, Brooks’s world is turned upside down as he finds he is charged with the task of settling Clay’s final affairs. In doing so, he uncovers a final plea: to look after his friend’s little sister, Cali.

Cali, reeling from her brother’s sudden death, is spiraling in her grief, spending all her time seeking out experiences to numb the pain and silence the fear of being left all alone in the world.
When Brooks tracks her down, their worlds collide.

She resents his intrusion. He is frustrated by what he sees as a self-destructive streak.
Sparks fly as they clash, each unwilling to bend to the other’s will.
But as they spend more time together, old feelings reemerge, and their tension transforms into a different kind of heat. Amidst their growing attraction, unexpected and unsettling truths begin to surface, leaving them to suspect that Clay’s death might not have been a tragic accident after all.

As they try to navigate their intense new feelings, they must also work to uncover the truth behind Clay’s demise. Before the dangers of what brought them together tears them apart…

Brooks – Jessica Gadziala

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