Broken Wheels by K.C. Wells

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Broken Wheels (CrossBow Protection #2) by K.C. Wells, Parker Williams

Someone wants Dr. Josh ‘Wheels’ Malone dead—and they’ll keep trying until he’s six feet under, which means CrossBow Operations Manager Dixon Meeks has his work cut out for him.
Make sure Dr. Malone—Doc—eats.
Stays alive.
Not that he minds this latest assignment. Doc has been on his radar for a while, and Dixon will do anything to protect him, especially if it means Doc actually notices him.
When a second attempt on his life fails, Josh has no choice but to let Gary Cross and Michael Kennedy in on the dirtiest secret project ever.
One that could cost thousands of lives.
A project he’d believed was dead and buried.
But someone had dug it up, and now it’s deadlier than ever.
Josh’s brilliant mind is struggling to keep up, and his To Do list is growing.
Atone for his past.
Find the bad guy.
Save the world.
And hold onto the man—and the life—that’s come to mean everything to him.

Broken Wheels – K.C. Wells, Parker Williams

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