Broken Promises by Flora Ferrari

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Broken Promises (Sokolov Bratva #1) by Flora Ferrari

The choice is simple: Marry the bride my father chose or let the city burn. I chose fire for her.
The King is dead, and it’s time to take my place on the throne. I may not be a good man, but I’m not a bad man like my father, the previous Pakahn. He played his son like a puppet, but I’m done playing by his rules.
I’m supposed to marry and unite two Bratva families. I have my bride, but she has changed everything. The first time I saw my Lia, I knew she was mine, but I knew what this realization meant—war.
They think it’s a threat, telling me the city will fall if I don’t do what they want, but they don’t understand this fire in me. I’ll burn it all down to keep her safe. I’ll fight the whole world if that’s what it takes.
She’s the only woman I’ve ever wanted. I’ll never let her go, not even for my bride or the city.

Broken Promises – Flora Ferrari

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