Bright Lights and Summer Nights by Kat Singleton

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Bright Lights and Summer Nights (Black Tie Billionaires #3) by Kat Singleton

Summer nights can be full of surprises.
As a single, unemployed, and unapologetic twenty-five year old mess, I came to the Hamptons this summer for one reason—to focus on myself and work out my quarter-life crisis. I didn’t come here planning to sneak into a private party and meet a handsome stranger.
I definitely didn’t come here expecting for that stranger to be Preston Rhodes—billionaire and superstar quarterback for the Manhattan Mambas.
And that’s not even the crazy part.
He asked me to be his pretend girlfriend for a week while his family is in town. He needed a date for his sister’s wedding, and I’d never turn down the opportunity to be spoiled by a rich man.
The only thing is, Preston’s not very good at pretending.
Now instead of discovering myself, I’m spending the week discovering what life would be like with him. Instead of focusing on me, I’m focusing on how he looks at me, how he touches me, how he wants me.
But now that neither one of us is faking it, I only hope that we can hold on to what we have through the bright lights and summer nights.

Bright Lights and Summer Nights – Kat Singleton

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