Bridesmaid to Bride by Terra Weiss

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Bridesmaid to Bride (Wingmom Stories #3) by Terra Weiss

So I said the wrong name during my vows…
It’s my twin sister’s live, televised circus…I mean wedding, and my brilliant techie best friend West is the only thing keeping me sane. Our “just one time” stress-relieving tryst becomes “just one more time.”
As it turns out, one more time is never enough.
But Dad would have a second heart attack if I ended up with country-club-averse West and not the New York attorney poised to help me take over my father’s firm. Plus, West is vying to become the next reality TV heartthrob to save his family’s store.
So friends with benefits it is! But why am I finding Dad’s hand-selected Suit lacking? And why does it mean everything when West encourages me to pursue my hidden passion for baking?
Or that when he touches my body, it feels like I’ve found my forever?
But I keep my feelings a secret.
Until a chemical peel gone wrong forces me to go from bridesmaid to stand-in bride for my twin, where I vow to love and cherish…West Quinn. AKA, not the groom.
Sweet mother. Now what?

Bridesmaid to Bride – Terra Weiss

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