Breach by Holly S. Roberts

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Breach by Holly S. Roberts

From the #1 Bestselling Author of the Eve Bennet crime thriller series, comes a summer thriller that will keep you out of the ocean and reading on dry land.

Craving the vastness of the open sea, Kate and her family set out on a journey of forgiveness and healing aboard Ryan’s Gift, their newly remodeled yacht. After a tragic accident, it’s imperative that Kate returns to the ocean, the place she once called home, in an attempt to restore her spirit.
In the middle of their idyllic voyage, the nightmare begins. With no power or communication, a monster lurks below the surface and the family must find a way to defeat the darkness before it destroys them.
Experience this gripping story of a family’s fight for survival and a terrifying reckoning from the deep.

Breach – Holly S. Roberts

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