Bound By My Alpha Mate by Jennifer Eve

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Bound by My Alpha Mate (Mythic Wars Alpha #2) by Jennifer Eve

I hate mating bonds, but I couldn’t bear more being rejected by my mate…

As the unprecedented young female Beta, I was happy with my life.
Trusted by my bestie Alpha Gavin, I would rather devote my life to my adored pack, than some random stranger assigned by Luna.
Even that one was Everett March, the most mysterious, enigmatic Alpha who could steal every woman’s heart with his dirty blond hair and sharp grey eyes.
He rejected me, as I wished, and promised he would keep it a secret….
But I was not as happy as I expected…
Especially when I found he was entangled with MythGuard, my biggest hidden ambition ignited…

I never liked my neighbor packs Grandbay and Dalesbloom.
As the Alpha of Eastpeak and the sentinel of MythGuard, I am tired of their troubles and affaire…
Mating to Aislin, the well-known Grandbay’s Beta?
No, that would destroy my objective position and drag me into endless trouble…
However, I never expected that rejection was the worst decision…
And I would risk everything to guarantee her safety.
As the war is coming!

Bound by My Alpha Mate – Jennifer Eve

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