Bossy by R.K. Lilley

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Bossy by R.K. Lilley

It had been such a simple idea. Help the hot billionaire make his cheating ex jealous. And he wasn’t just any billionaire. He was a filthy-talking Russian who was bossy as hell, gorgeous as sin, and wouldn’t take no for an answer. And he was paying well. Thirty thousand dollars, half up front, to spend the weekend with a handsome, filthy-talking billionaire. Who could resist? Not this exhibitionist good girl. Filthy-talking Russian. He walked into her club looking for the type of woman who could accommodate his needs. He found so much more. Exhibitionist good girl. She was in the business of temptation, and he was temptation incarnate. He had money, looks, and a proposition that even she couldn’t resist. Would Mr. Bossy make her break all of her rules?

Originally published as Mr. Bossy under the pen name Danika Dare.
18+ recommended.

Bossy – R.K. Lilley

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