Between the Bases by Saskia Louis

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Between the Bases (Baseball Love #1) by Saskia Louis

Two lives entangled in a game of pretend, where love’s curveball might just hit the perfect blend
A humorous sports romance where sparks fly and hearts collide on the field of love

I never imaginedI’d find myself in this predicament.
Being labeled a womanizer by the press? It’s not a title I ever aspired to.
But now, my baseball management is breathing down my neck, insisting I need to clean up my image. Apparently, what I need is a prim, proper, and utterly average girlfriend. And who better fits that description than Emma, the sweet German event planner who practically has „normal“ stamped on her forehead?
And I thought I had no problems.
Until my company transferred me to Philadelphia, where I unexpectedly run into my one and only one-night stand.
Little did I know, he’s not just any guy — he’s famous and wealthy, details he conveniently left out during our initial encounter. And now, he’s proposing the outrageous idea that I pose as his girlfriend to help repair his tarnished reputation.
Of course, I refuse. But this man has a way of presenting compelling arguments …

This is going to be one wild ride for both of them.

Between the Bases – Saskia Louis

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