Betrayed Bullied Mate by Layla Silver

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Betrayed Bullied Mate (Rosecreek Special Ops Wolves #1) by Layla Silver

He bullied me horribly for being a human, making me an outcast.
When I confessed that I loved him, he laughed in my face.
I found my escape in books and food, but suddenly he’s back as the Special Ops Alpha.
And to save my pack, I’m forced to marry the mate who rejected me…
I’m psychic and the laughing stock of the pack.
But the taunting reaches a new level when I’m given to him as his mate.
I try to fight it, but I’m overpowered and dragged away.
My plus-size curves are no match for his mighty Alpha wolf…
We’re stuck in an abandoned cabin together, and I’m forced to live my greatest fear.
The fear of his closeness, touching me in places I’m desperately trying to protect.
The fear of falling, of giving myself to the one who will break my heart again.
He’s accessing my most vulnerable places, until his baby is growing inside of me.

Can the Alpha heal the open wounds he caused?

Betrayed Bullied Mate – Layla Silver

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